Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scholarships for Women's Athletics

I received a press release this week for a topic I support.

The Women's Sports Foundation is initiating their "GoGirl!Go!" program for 2009. They gave a total of US$183,000 last year. As victims of our current crappy economy, they are only able to give out $50,000 in scholarshis for February 2009, but these folks are focusing their limited funds on making sure that female athletes have are not missing opportunities to advance their lives because of financial issues.

This organization has provided over three million dollars in funds to women's athletics since 2001. It was founded back when I was toddling around in 1974 by one of the most recognized names in women's sports, Billie Jean King. They are not only focused on young girls but on the concept of advancing public attitudes about women's sports. If you read the local, Seattle piece by the open minded Jerry Brewer you will hear the kind of voice needed to advance women's sports. The type of effort made by The Women's Sports Foundation is what makes these articles even possible. Gender equity in perception is a valiant goal, though perhaps a distant one for our rather close-minded society.

Check out a summary of their recent study results on their blog.

On a similar topic, I learned a ton from this new sports radio blog run by former WNBA Houston Comets player Lynette Woodward. It runs an hour long and covers the professional womens football league, moves into the history of the Houston Comets. (Thanks to thesixthwoman at Rebkell for the pointer.)

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