Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Done Deal!!!

By UNANIMOUS decision, the WNBA approved the sale of the SEATTLE Storm to Force 10 Hoops. They were able to share the 1199 signatures from the petition, the loud show of political support from the city and state, as well as point to increases in ticket sales over the past six weeks.

Thanks to the fans of the team (the new ownership especially) we now are able to look forward to many more seasons of exciting WNBA basketball here in Seattle. I even got a special thank you out of League President Donna Orender during yesterday's live chat on She thanked the people of Seattle for stepping up and showing the special kind of bond a WNBA team can have with its community.

As Scott said over at, it is time to party.

We still need to sell 8 more seats to meet our goal of twenty season tickets donated by fans to underprivileged kids. Quit waiting and help us get there...

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