Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thank you, Clay Bennett

I hope it is not the last chance I get to utter those words.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Bennett sold the Seattle Storm to a local ownership team of four women, known as Force 10 and who are commited to keeping the Storm in Seattle. This is the first thing Bennett has done since he purchased the teams that actually benefits the city of Seattle and its basketball fans.

Thank you to Karen Bryant, who I am 100% certain was the driver of this event.

Thank you to the NEW OWNERS of the Seattle Storm! You have saved our team, made my day and made my three year old son's day.

I just ran upstairs to tell him that LJ and the Storm were staying in Seattle and he ran across the house, leaped into my arms screaming YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!

The news, leaked by Jayda Evans last night on her blog and published in the morning paper say that local ownership has purchased the team with the intention of keeping them in Seattle.

I guess this answers the question of why the coaching/gm selection went silent and perhaps why Sue Bird swung through Seattle on her short break from Russian play.

We Storm fans need to become the new owners' best allies and drum up additional ticket sales, help with marketing and do whatever else we can do to promote the team and drum up revenue for the new owners. Let's get to it! They have done their part, it is time for us to step up and do ours.


Anonymous said...

not good wnba owner wnba not for mld clty only big clty

Anonymous said...

You sure write with authority about things you know nothing about! Check your facts!

Patrick said...

I welcome the feedback...but I am afraid I don't know which facts you feel need checking. As a blogger, and not a journalist, I tend to be more of an opinion based writer, though I do like my facts to be accurate. Please elaborate...