Friday, June 15, 2007

Can I have a Do-Over please?

I knew it was going to be a tough evening for me. I had scheduled my change from Comcast (see my rants from last season on their HD DVR technology) to DirecTV for 8-12 in the morning. The installer finally showed up at 3:15. He promptly drilled four holes in my guest room wall after I told him that his bit was too short. We gave up on that for the moment and I told him where to put the satellite dish. I turned the game on the radio since I had already disconnected my cable and started cooking dinner. He comes back to ask me if I have any screws and then takes off for the hardware store for 45 minutes. He returns and goes up on the roof. I check on him at halftime only to find that the dish is NOT where I wanted it and he mumbles about signal. I just want to catch the second half of the game and leave it alone for the moment. He finally gets it hooked up but tells me that DirecTV's computers are down and they can't enable my service right now. He leaves me with no television and says they should call me by the next morning. The game is over so I call DirecTV and get it turned on myself but the guy has to come back the next day to finish. He shows up late again with a longer drill bit and then refuses to move the satellite saying that he put it where he did to save cable because it costs him more to put it where he wanted since he would have to use his own cable. GRRRRRRR. I have his company sending someone else out to fix it today.

The Storm did not fare any better than I did. They tied a league record for fewest points scored in a quarter after they had a stellar 65% shooting performance in the first quarter. They seemed to just run out of steam and were unable to play against Indiana's zone defense without any three point shots falling.

Least Horrendous Shooters

PlayerFloor %eFG%
Janell Burse66%50%
Lauren Jackson64%59%
Iziane Castro Marques56%50%
Shyra Ely50%67%
Sue Bird43%57%

Best Individual Ratings

Lauren Jackson117.65
Janell Burse108.70
Iziane Castro Marques103.11

Best Plus/Minus

Iziane Castro Marques+3
Betty Lennox+3
Janell Burse+0

Most Effective Lineups

Bird-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Burse: +8
Wright-Lennox-Ely-Jackson-Burse: +4
Wright-Lennox-Castro-Jackson-Burse: +4
Wright-Gearlds-Ely-Jackson-Robinson: +1

Random Thoughts
Katie Gearlds came off her stellar shooting and plus/minus performance in Chicago and fell apart on the other side of the Illinois/Indiana border. Her -42 plus/minus value was the worst on the Storm this season. Her 19$ eFG rating was a far cry from the better than 100% she put in on Tuesday. The good news is that the ladies are back home, playing against the struggling Comets and likely to generate a blow out win as a result of the embarassment in Indiana. Looking forward to welcoming Barb Turner back tonight. I am glad she is doing well in Houston, there really weren't any minutes left for her here in Seattle with Gearlds in the rotation.

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