Tuesday, December 06, 2005

WNBA announced its 2006 rule changes.

Shot Clock: cut from 30 to 24 seconds to line up with the NBA. It will reset to at least 14 seconds in the event of a foul. This will speed the game up and increase the number of possessions per 40 minutes. It should help offensive teams like the Storm, Liberty and Sun.

(corrected disconnected brain and typing error on length of the halves vs. the NBA quarters thanks to an alert reader)
Periods: increased from two 20 minute halves to four 10 minute quarters, not yet the four 12 minute quarters of the NBA. This will give some extra time for commercials, coaching and rest for the stars. LJ can now sit at the 30 second mark of each quarter and get a couple full minutes of rest between quarters.

Initial Possessions: Jump ball at the start of regulation and OT periods. Regulation jump will determine who has the possession at the start of each quarter. Winner has 1st and 4th and loser has 2nd and 3rd similar to the NBA. Jump balls during play for tying up the ball were NOT eliminated.

Timeouts: Mandatory 2 minute timeouts in the first and third periods. 2 Mandatory 2 minute timeouts in the second and fourth periods. Teams are given 2 regulars per half and they will fill the mandatory slots if used. After the mandatories have been met remaining timeouts will be 1 minute.

Fouls: Teams only get 4 fouls per quarter before entering the penalty, just like the NBA. 2nd foul in the last minute (not 2 minutes like the NBA) puts them in the penalty regardless of total fouls in the quarter.

Nothing huge here. They are trying to take advantage of the superior atheletes in this 9 year old league to drive up scoring and create more interest.

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bonanza said...

Typo alert: Previously, the W had 20 minute halves, not 12 minute halves.